Amadriade is a project that talks about making no value material precious.

The material for this project are LEAVES.
The leaves were treated in a different way,

all of the treatments are compostable and green.

The project is a perfume and the packaging made by leaves, wood and paper.


Product Design




There are three different fragrance:

Yellow leaves with a point of roses and Lavender

(Sweet and worm that give to him a harmonica fragrance).

Orange leaves with a bit of Laurel

(The aromatic fruit and crisp fragrance of the leaves give a new and particular taste)

Red leaves with Lion Head flowers and roses

(Taste elegant and sweet to gives a fresh fragrance)


Textile made by leaves

After have treated naturally the leaves, to maintain them fresh during the time ( 2 years)

 I sew them together to create a sort of fabric.

In Amadriade the leaves fabric will be part

of the parfume box